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With its chairs, the Institute for Ecology covers a broad spectrum of biotic (plant, animal world) and abiotic (soil, water, climate) components of the natural household in the terrestrial and limnic areas.

The research is organized in the sub-disciplines of ecology and interdisciplinary linked. This results in synergies for interdisciplinary basic research (eg. ecosystem research, urban ecology) and planning and resource-related research (eg. landscape planning, nature conservation, technical environmental protection). Disciplinary breadth and networking with planning sciences and resource-oriented specialist areas are special features of the Institute for Ecology of TU Berlin in regional and national comparison.

At its core, the research activities of the Institute for Ecology are aimed at

  • the basic understanding of functions and mechanisms of the natural household with its biotic and abiotic components and their modifications through anthropogenic uses and impairments (basic research)
  • the assessment of functions and pressures on nature and landscape as well as strategies for the protection and sustainable use of natural resources (biodiversity, soil, water, climate) and the environmentally compatible design of anthropogenic land use (planning and resource-related research).

Information on current research projects can be found on the Chair’s websites


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